Mrec Investment Management is constructing a new logistics center for 3PLogistiikka in Bastukärr, Sipoo


In line with its logistics strategy, Mrec Investment Management Oy (“Mrec IM”) continues initiating new projects. In December 2023, Mrec IM acquired a plot of approximately 43,000 sqm near the Lahti motorway in the rapidly developing Bastukärr logistics area through a company it manages, from the municipality of Sipoo.

We are pleased that the development of new projects is progressing well. We have successfully negotiated the land purchase with the municipality of Sipoo and signed lease and construction agreements for the new project. The project is guided by ambitious ESG goals from planning to implementation, says Elsi Luhtanen from Mrec IM.

Proactive and transparent collaboration from all parties has allowed the ambitious schedule to be met, also on the part of the municipality of Sipoo. The new logistics center complements the Bastukärr area well, and further strengthens the positive development of the municipality of Sipoo. We are also delighted to welcome 3PLogistiikka to Sipoo, says Albert Andersson, the municipal director of Sipoo.

A long-term lease agreement for a 18,000 sqm logistics center in line with Green Lease goals was signed with 3PLogistics Group Oy in October 2023.

We have been searching for a while for a solution to our rapidly growing demand, and we are excited that the project has finally started. The location of the center in Bastukärr is excellent, as it is in the immediate vicinity of central warehouses of major retailers. The proximity to the Vuosaari harbour ensures short transportation distances for shipping containers, and online retail shipments quickly reach a large population, says Jussi Örn, CEO of 3PLogistiikka Group.

Construction managed by Tekova Etelä-Suomi Oy began in December 2023 and the property will be completed by the end of 2024.

It is a pleasure to be implementing the project in collaboration with Mrec IM and 3PLogistiikka. As a strong logistics construction expert, we have been able to add value to the overall project. This has allowed the consideration of user needs to be optimally aligned with the client’s ESG guidelines and budget, resulting in high-quality tailored solutions. For Tekova, the project showcases great continued collaboration with Mrec IM,” says Jaakko Heikkilä, CEO of Tekova.

The property will be implemented in accordance with EU taxonomy, aiming for A-energy class and BREEAM Excellent certification. Mrec IM is responsible for the development of the new project as well as the asset management upon completion.